Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My baby is a holiday child

Okay, so super exciting news....my little NICU nugget of love is set to come home THIS FRIDAY!  I know!  We just found that out yesterday which was the best Valentine's Day present ever.  It also got me thinking of other milestones in Isla's life and I realized that she likes to be associated with national holidays - probably so her loopy mom will remember!

Mother's Day 2010 - Isla was conceived (TMI?)
Halloween 2010 - Isla was baptized
New Year's Day 2011 - Isla went to straight nasal cannula
Valentine's Day 2011 - Found out Isla is coming home!

After doing some brief calculations, I figure this means she's on track to graduate from Kindergarten this Thanksgiving.  Maybe high school by Christmas.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I think today's "Dilbert" cartoon is spot-on commentary about the laziness of modern life.  How many of you use the "auto-correction" feature on your cell phones?  And, by the way, should "auto-correction" actually have quotes around it?  Hmmmm.... for another day.  Anywho, I've only been using this feature for about a month or so because in the world of technology I'm about as current as an Atari.  My baby sister was the victim of my auto-correction use this past December when I decided to text her happy birthday wishes early in the morning.  Her nickname since birth has been "Doodles," so I texted "Happy Birthday Doodles."  Simple enough, right?  Not.Even.Close.  My cell phone, in all its inanimate glory changed Doodles to Fondler.  FONDLER?  I didn't notice of course until Doodles texted me back understandably confused by my carelessly tossed out birthday accusation.  For the record, I have no knowledge that Doodles has fondled anyone - intentionally or otherwise - but I suppose my cell phone might know something I don't.  Personally, I think my cell phone is a big 'ol perv because anytime I try to type the word "in" it replaces it with the word "ho."  Not cool Samsung.  Not cool.